Looking to fund a project?

Playful Learning Landscapes Action Network doesn’t fund projects. So we’ve gathered a few case studies below to highlight how others have brought their project together. If you’re interesting in funding a project, please contact us.


See how others did it…

Urban Thinkscape

Funding Source: Philanthropy

Set on the boundary between Bellmont and Mantua in Philadelphia, Urban Thinkscape was funded with the generous support of William Penn Foundation and an additional grant from KABOOM!’s Play Everywhere initiative.

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Photo: Sahar Coston-Hardy

Many of the projects we’ve collaborated on were funded by foundations. It’s worth checking if there is a charity working locally that would be interested in the impact of playful learning environments.


Playful learning environments can be integrated into government initiatives that focus on child and family health, community health, and the quality of the built environment.

These organizations could be working on a national, local level, or both.

Mosaic of Hope

Funding Source: Governmental

The 19-foot mosaic built at the Hope Center for Families, is the joint work of Omega CDC, Omega Baptist Church, and the Mosaic Institute of Dayton, with financial support from Learn to Earn initiative to create opportunities to “Play on Purpose”!

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Photo: Marshall Gorby/Dayton.com

BFF Omaha

Funding Source: DIY

BFF Omaha is an arts non-profit located in the historical Benson neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska. The organization began as community members orchestrating monthly art walks and has evolved into an organization that supports art on a daily basis.

BFF Omaha constructed a chalkboard Playwall to collect responses from the community during their monthly first Friday events. They then plan to use the data to guide the design process, and will utilize local artist’s work in the final Playful Learning Landscape installation piece. 

Photo: Katera Eatsart

Often, communities, groups or individuals can gather their own resources to install a playful learning environment. In this case, we have worked to create a set of tools, guidance and references that are either free or at a low cost.