from PBS SoCal
by Hanh Truong

Messages of gratitude and excitement from parents filled a Zoom chat on May 19, 2021, as organizers concluded the seventh workshop for the research project Stimulating STEM in the City: Co-Designing with Latinx Families to Promote Informal STEM Learning. As part of the project, Santa Ana families have been meeting with organizers to help design STEM-inspired installations for their city. Following the virtual sessions, research leaders will finalize the project’s designs and locations.

“Kids learn from exposure,” said UC Irvine (UCI) Assistant Professor Andres Bustamante, who leads the project with his research team.

One of the project’s central ideas is that through the installations, children will be able to engage with math, reading and science with their parents and caregivers in public spaces, such as grocery stores, bus stops and laundromats.

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