Adopted by The United Nations General Assembly and initiated by the LEGO Group and Foundation, IDoP advocates for play equity for all children. Play is a fundamental right and an integral part to a child’s cognitive, social, and emotional development. Play heals, builds, and unites us. Aligned with our mission to infuse public spaces with playful learning opportunities to support early childhood interaction and development, IDoP calls upon stakeholders and communities to protect the right to play.

To usher in this momentous day, we have created a DIY Playful Learning Passport for children and caregivers. Send photos of you and your child participating in one or more of these activities to to be entered into a playful learning raffle! The raffle ends Friday, 6/14 at 5pm EST.

Click the link below for a downloadable PDF of our DIY Playful Learning Passport!

IDoP 2024